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School grants for healthy kids

Providing schools the resources for students to eat better, stay physically active and be better prepared to learn.


Available Grants

Thanks to our sponsors, Action for Healthy Kids has provided $8.7 million in grants to schools since 2009 to help them accomplish their student wellness goals. Read on for grant information, sign up for our emails to stay up to date, and find out how schools like yours are putting their grants to work.

School Breakfast Grants

School breakfast is more than a meal: It helps fight hunger, improves student focus, and reduces absenteeism. Your school can introduce or expand a school breakfast program with grants for $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000. Whether it's breakfast in the classroom, grab-and-go breakfast, or another breakfast program, help your students start their day right. Grants are available in all states. Applications are closed for the 2019-2020 school year, so sign up for alerts.

Game On Grants

In order to get every kid healthy and ready to learn, our Game On grants provide funding and resources for schools to improve or introduce new nutrition and physical activity programs. With a $1,000 grant, you can build a school garden, get equipment for active recess, host taste tests and other nutrition promotion, start a before- or after-school activity club, and more. Grants are available in all states. Applications are closed for the 2019-2020 school year, so sign up for alerts.

Parents for Healthy Kids Grants

Parents: Here’s your chance to make your mark on school health! Apply for a $1,000 parent-led school grant that will provide funds and resources to revamp or introduce fitness, nutrition, and other wellness programs so that all students have access to healthy choices. Grants are for physical activity or nutrition initiatives. Schools with greater than 50% of students eligible for free/reduced-priced meals may receive priority, as well as schools located within 15 miles of an ALDI store, but all schools are encouraged to apply. Applications are closed for the 2019-2020 school year, so sign up for alerts.

Questions? Contact your AFHK State Coordinator or Regional Manager or email


Applying for a grant is easy

Steps to Apply

  1. Determine for which grant(s) your school will apply. Review the application and application
  2. Register for the grant webinar(s) to learn about specific grant details and eligibility requirements, and receive helpful tips for applying.
  3. We recommend that you complete a paper application with your school health team prior to submitting your application online. Once the paper application is complete, it will take
    ~30 minutes to submit online.
  4. Log in to or create an account on the school portal. Applications must be submitted online.
  5. Once there, connect your account with the school(s) for which you are applying. To do this, click on My Profile, then the Add or Manage Schools button.
  6. Click on Grants, and select the grant(s) for which your school would like to apply. Then, complete your application!

Success Stories

A Community Effort Towards Better Health

Sand Hill Elementary's Game On grant went a long way with the help of the community, allowing them to make significant physical activity and nutrition changes across all facets of the school day.
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Cultivating Wellness at Bethesda Elementary

What has students at Bethesda Elementary asked their parents for more veggies? The innovative nutrition education program supported by school staff and a Game On grant from Action for Healthy Kids.
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A Customizable Breakfast for Hungry High School Students

How do you get high schoolers to have a healthy school breakfast? Give them options for creating their own.
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